The 10XProductive programme  is a personal development programme. It contains a series of tools and exercises that are designed to help people reach that balance between their personal and business/work life.

Some of the topics covered:

· Effective Time Management

· Powerful Goal Setting

· Values and beliefs

· Confidence and decision making



'We are constantly talking about effectiveness at work/business but how effective are we as individuals?

People should have the appropriate "tools" and techniques in order to transfer ideas and experiences from day to day to the business world, and make them work!

In this programme I want to share my personal experience, and the tools I have used and have helped me and all the people I have worked with.

My purpose is to make coaching more accessible to others and share a forum where we can learn from each other. '

Tamara Medina Sapovalova



Programme content:

•10 modules (days)
•Bonus material

Duration: 10 days (30 - 45 min per day)


The programme is for…

  • Entrepreneurs.
  • People in career transitions
  • Going back to work after a career break. 

The programme will help you:

  • Accelerate your personal growth
  • Increase confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • Have more clarity, focus and feel more inspired. This will make you much more productive
  • Manage better how you use your time
  • Establish more positive personal and work relationships
  • Face fears and insecurities that stop you from reaching your goals.
  • Define your goals and what you want to achieve


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Tamara Medina is the founder of Sapovalova Coaching, a member of Tech London Advocates, Huffington Post blogger and author. She has written for various magazines and international publications. She has also been a judge in several technology start-up panels and is a mentor at MassChallenge, StartUp Chile, SUM (StartUp Mexico) and Major’s International Business Programme.

For over fifteen years she has worked with renowned companies in Mexico, the United States, and England, where she worked for the BBC. In 2016 she launched the online program 10XProductive.

Tamara has delivered training to hundreds of entrepreneurs, corporate businesses and Tech start-ups.

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